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Facility Management and Monitor=Health Care=

Behind the faucet that serves water, there must be a motor to send water. When the motor stops, the water will no longer come out, which means the facility stops as well. Therefore, it is necessary to manage and monitor in order to always maintain the normal state. We do the health care of electric equipment so as not to stop the facility.

1. Maintenance / Management of Buildings / Public Facilities

Maintenance / Management of Buildings / Public Facilities

Various equipments are installed in buildings and public facilities.

If a problem occurs to even one of these equipments, the function of the buildings or facilities will stop. We do an equipment maintenance and monitoring to maintain the building at a normal state.

Management Spots Intelligent Buildings, Hotels, Department Stores, Office Buildings, Public Facilities (Theaters, Sport Facilities, etc.), Railroad Facilities, Large-scale Bridge Facilities

Integrated System Mainly Composed of Electric Facilities

Office buildings and public facilities play their role as a building by having electricity as their power source. It is no exaggeration to say that stable supply of electricity leads to normalization of building. A professional electric engineer is indispensable for this maintenance. Our maintenance management work is done by such electric engineers.

2. Operation / Monitoring of Plant Equipment

Operation / Monitoring of Plant Equipment

Plant facility is managed by electric engineers, mechanical engineers, and operation observers on a round-the-clock (24-7) basis.

Management Spots Water Treatment Recycling Centers, Water Supply and Sewerage Filter Plants, Incineration Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Electric Furnace Plants, Waste Treatment Facilities.

What are Plants?

What are Plants?

Plants are production facilities, heavy machineries and a factories, such as manufacturing facilities of medical supplies and food, petroleum related facilities, and waste treatment facilities.

3. Maintenance Patrol / Service of Lifeline

Maintenance Patrol / Service of Lifeline

We patrol the facilities, periodically, for stable operation of equipment, and for continuous protection of lifelines.

Management Spots Road Drainage Pump Facilities, Water Supplying Facilities, Drainage Transfer Facilities, Multi-purpose Common Conduit Facilities, Road Tunnel Ancillary Equipment, Firefighting Equipment, Street Lamp/Outdoor Lighting, Traffic Light Equipment

What is a Common Conduit?

What is a Common Conduit?

It is a big tunnel contained under roadways to bury electricity, gas, waterworks, television lines and telephone installation, lifeline necessary to daily life, altogether underground.

4. Maintenance Patrol / Service of Solar Power Generation

Maintenance Patrol / Service of Solar Power Generation

The power conditioner converter of solar power generation equipment is a delicate instrument. It is important to periodically inspect and check whether the normal amount of electric power generation is maintained by patrolling every month and more than once a year. The amount of electric power generation deteriorates with aging degradation of solar modules and converters. We do maintenance to generate the electricity to the maximum level.

Management Spots Mega Solar Power Generation Plants, 50KW High-voltage Power Plants, Under 50KW Low-voltage Power Plants, 10KW Industrial Power Plants, General Housing Solar Power Generating System (Wooden Buildings, ALC type House, Flat Roofs, Apartment Roofs, Condominium Rooftops)

What is Natural Energy?

What is Natural Energy?

Natural energy is energy generated from natural phenomenon such as sunlight, heat, wind, tidal power and geothermal heat. Because there is basically no worry of exhaustion as far as the sun keeps shining while the so-called fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal have concerns of exhaustibility, it is also called as "renewable energy".