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Representative Director Toshitaka Yokokura

Thank you for visiting JEPS Corporation’s web site.
We are full of “gratitude”.

Since foundation, we have been supported by many customers up until today. We have always been looking for ways to manage a company that makes the customers happy. Our conclusion was: "A customer's satisfaction comes from the staff's satisfaction."

The happiness of enjoying work and providing it to a customer with confidence, is what we strongly believe as "Necessary for this company". We began from "inspection" to "construction", extended further into "management" and established a totalized ground.

My children (the staff of JEPS) are a brilliant group of members. They handle the kind of work in which the result never lies...they’re honest... and hard working. I want each of them to be the kind of person that can be praised, appreciated and thanked by the customers. The kind of person that makes the customers say “I’m glad I entrusted it to you.” We are a still growing company. We will do our best to generate an environment to help customers feel at ease

Representative Director
Toshitaka Yokokura
Management Principle

When you come home and turn the light on, don’t you feel relieved? In the past, there used to be frequent blackouts in Japan, and people were worried and felt uneasy every time the lights went out. When the lights turn back on, people feel relieved and at ease.

We wish to create a heart-comforting environment like that.
To accomplish this, it is important that: "Prevent power off of electricity " "Keep supplying electricity, safely." "Maintain condition which customers can always use it without worry", and this is the "Creation of a Bright, Comfortable and Peaceful Environment" which JEPS is aiming for.

Corporate Profile
Company name Japanese Electric Power Service Inc.
Office [Main Office] 2-23-7, Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0034, Japan
Representative Representative Director : Toshitaka Yokokura.
Capital 44,000,000 yen
Establishment April, 1977
Business office [ECO House Pavilion] 1-15-10, Karakida, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0035, Japan
Registration Number
* Electric constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (toku-23)
*Telecommunication constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Fire protection facility constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Pipe constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Roof constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Painting constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23).
* Waterproof constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Interior finishing constructor No.77152 Tokyo Governor (han-23)
* Electric constructor registration No.044995th Tokyo Governor notification
* Building environmental sanitation general management registration (No.6-538 Tokyo 12 han)
* Building drinking water tank cleaning registration (No.4-1637 Tokyo 12 cho)
* Specified labor supply registration Tokyo labor kyokutoku 13-308977
* Quality system (standard) ISO9001: 2008/JIS Q 9001:2008
Examination registration license Registration number 00QR and 466
JAB(R007)-KHK ISO Examination Center
April 4, 1977 Seiwa Industry Corporation is established as security check services for power transformation facilities.
July 22, 1982 Capital is increased to 1,000,000 yen.
July 22, 1982 Partial addition to the purpose in articles of an association.
July 26, 1982 The Main Office is moved to 1864 Uchikoshi-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo.
May 14, 1984 Change of organization. Representative director: Toshio Yokokura (appointed).
January 11, 1988 Trade name is changed to Japanese Electric Power Service Inc.
May 30, 1988 Capital is increased to 4,000,000 yen.
June 1, 1988 Commencement to get order related construction.
June 20, 1988 The Main Office is moved to 2467 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo.
January 18 1989 Commencement to get order related to construction for nominated participation from government office.
September 11, 1993 Address is changed to 2-23-7, Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo, due to change of town lot number by government.
October 7, 1993 Capital is increased to 12,000,000 yen.
October 1, 1995 Commencement to get order of LAN construction by data processing department.
June 1, 1996 A depot is built. And a training and seminar room is made on the 2nd floor.
March 4, 1999 Capital is increased to 20,000,000 yen.
May 1, 1999 The central sales office is opened in Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
December 25, 2000 Acquisition of International Standards ISO9001 attestation.
March 3, 2002 Commencement of Solar generation business by the new energy business department.
October 25, 2003 Capital is increased to 25,000,000 yen.
August 1, 2004 Commencement of renovation business mainly focusing on building environmental maintenance.
April 22, 2005 Reorganization registration (change of director and auditor)
January 19, 2006 Acquisition of International Standards IS9001 attestation. "Water supply / drainage and air conditioning"
June 23, 2006 Capital is increased to 44,000,000 yen.
February 29, 2008 Change of company purpose (addition of labor dispatch business)
June 29, 2010 Change of company purpose (addition of low voltage indoor wiring inspection business)
March 26, 2013 Change of company purpose (addition of electric power business, "generation and sale of electric power”.)
October 1, 2013 Change of organization. Representative director: Toshitaka Yokokura (appointed)
November 1, 2013 Operation of solar power generation plant(Tsukuba power plant No.1)
February 1, 2014 Start business development activity in Philippines
Number of Engineers with Qualification in JEPS
Electrical engineer (grade1,2)27Gas flexible tube connection construction supervisor1
Chief electric engineer (grade 2,3)5Building environmental sanitation management engineer4
First rank (electric) construction management engineer3High-voltage cable and UGS construction engineer5
Second rank (electric) construction management engineer3Vehicle for high altitude work/mobile crane engineer25
First rank (pipe) construction management engineer1Boiler engineer5
Second rank (civil engineering) construction management engineer1Water tank cleaning operation supervisor1
Supervising engineer (electric)2Person in charge freezing machinery3
Special electric construction engineer (generator and neon)2Hazardous materials operator5
Fire protection facility engineer2Disaster control center personnel3
Fire protection equipment facility inspector qualification4Fire prevention manager2
Specified building investigator qualification.1Lifesaving skill authorization and danger of oxygen deficiency12