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Welcome to Philippine Nihon JEPS Website

Dear Customers,

Thank you for visiting the website of Philippine Nihon JEPS Corporation. We offer eco-friendly and high reliability products for you. Quality and Reliability are our key words. The key components of our products are directly imported from Japan. We have a strategic partnership with JEPS Japan.

Michael V. Lim
Michael V. Lim

For better and eco-friendly life, feel free to contact us:

Address 9054 E.Aguinaldo Hwy, Bayan Luma-2 Imus City, Cavite, Philippines (4103)
Telephone number (046) 515-5459
Office Hour 9:00am-6:00pm, Weekday
Solar Power Plant


Our strategic partner, JEPS (Japan), has more than 200 cases of Solar Plant Construction. We provide complete system of Solar Power Plant. It has high quality solar panel, power conditioner, voltage transformer, data collection and display system. We also do preparation work to install panel on ground, roof, etc. Customer just need to tell us where to install Solar Panel, where to install components such as Power Conditioner

LED Illumination System


We deliver LED light system, eco friendly, energy efficient. There are light tube, bulb and other types. You will be able to save monthly electricity expense. It also has long life, so that you do not need to change light tube way less frequently. They are good for your home, office, factory, hospital, school, store or any place you have lights. Longer you are using light, more saving you will enjoy.